Flacon 30 ml

Salicylicpeel JS (Jessner peel) – a classic combination medium-depth peel which activity is determined by its ingredients: lactic and salicylic acids, resorcine. Efficacy of Salicylicpeel JS depends on the procedure technique: the more layers of the peel are applied, the more profound is the result. The peeling causes active macrolaminar exfoliation and has a good keratolytic action, owing to which, it is effective in hyperkeratosis, marked age-related changes and skin relief defects.


  • Salicylic acid – 14%;
  • lactic acid – 10%;
  • resorcine – 14%.

Presentation form

— Vial 30 ml.

Indications for the use

  • – Fading skin
  • – Fine needles (“pouch”)
  • — Seborrhea
  • – Skin microrelief defects
  • — Hyperpigmentation
  • – Solar and senile lentigo
  • – Actinic hyperkeratosis
  • – Acne.


As various peel performance variants are possible, a specialist cam simulate an expected result * It is a medical device.