HYALUFORM® filler Deep

Syringe 0,8 ml

FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES. SAFETY AND EFFICACY [https://www.martinex.ru/docs/Hyaluform_reprint.pdf ] MEDICAL DEVICE Marketing authorization № FSR 2011/12311 dated 18.11.2011. TU 9398-001-58568834-2006


hyaluronic acid 2.5%, 2 000 kDa.

Syringe volume:

0,8 ml, needle 27G

Recommended canula:


Term of effect maintenance:

8-12 months.


  • — Correction of deep wrinkles and folds (nasolabial, labiomental, perioral wrinkles).
  • — Restoration of lost volume of soft tissues in various areas (forehead, temple, cheekbone, cheeks, chin).
  • — Restoration of lip form and volume.
  • — Correction of lacrimal, palpebromalar, nasojugal, mid-buccal grooves.
  • — Modeling of nose size and form.
  • — Modeling of ear lobes.
  • -Correction of scar changes of face and body soft tissues.
  • — Intimate filling.

Application areas:

face, neck, decollette, hands, internal shoulder surface, elbows, anterior abdominal wall, internal hip surface, intimate zone.