Hyaluform® 1,8% filler Soft 0,8 ml

Injected gel volume: 0,8 ml


hyaluronic acid 18 mg/ml.

Syringe volume:

syringe 0.8 ml.

Recommended canula:

— 30G (in the set)

Recommended techniques:

linear, bolus, radial.


  • — Correction of fine superficial wrinkles and folds (periorbital, periauricular, peribuccal, forehead, perioral areas).
  • – Restoration of small volumes of soft tissues.
  • – Modeling of lip form, restoration of lip contour.
  • – Correction of neck wrinkles.
  • — Correction of decollette wrinkles.
  • – Reinforcing of face and body skin.

Application areas:

face, neck, decollette, hands, internal shoulder surface, elbows, anterior abdominal wall, internal hip surface, intimate zone.

Before-After Images

  • Before

  • After