Hyaluform® 2,5% mesolift

vial 2ml

Selection of the product concentration depends on area of the treated aesthetic area.

Presentation form

— Vials 2.5% – 2.5 ml.


– Unmodified hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) derived with bacterial fermentation (biotechnological).


— Hydration.

— Restoration of the intercellular matrix structure.

— Fights free radicals.


  • — dehydrated and dry skin
  • – skin restoration/preparation to UV-damage, rosacea
  • – fine periorbital (“crow’s feet) and perioral (“pouch”) wrinkles
  • – skin preparation and rehabilitation in plastic surgeries, and laser resurfacing, chemical peels
  • – atrophic scars (stretch marks, post-acne)


– in cocktails for:

  • — hydration (with silicine)
  • — lifting (with DMAE)
  • — restoration of three-dimensional dermal structure (with Structucoll, Caviar, REGENERADOR FACIAL A-36)
  • – antioxidant protection (with vitamin С).

Dilution rules:

Hyaluform mesolift 2.5% – 2.5 ml – Add 5.0 ml of silicine 1.0 % to a vial, mix the obtained mixture. You get a viscous cocktail for further dilution in volume 7.5ml. Dilute the cocktail volume two-fold. So you withdraw the necessary cocktail amount from the vial for dilution and twice higher amount of additional products to a syringe.

Recommended cocktails:

2.5 ml of the finished cocktail (Hyaluform mesolift 2.5% + Silicine 1%-2.5ml) +2.0 ml of Caviar (DMAE, vitamin С) + 3.0-5.0 ml of Silicine 1%