ampule 2 ml

  Action – Ginkgo biloba extract activates microcirculation, has vasodilatory and lymph draining actions, promotes improved venous efflux, improve oxygen supply to tissues and accelerate elimination of metabolism products, consolidate and regulate permeability of a capillary wall, has anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective action. Vitamins of В1, В2, В3, В5, В6, В7 group are responsible for hair growth, prevention of hair loss, alopecia and early grayness. They take part in metabolism processes and play important role in redox reactions, stimulate division of hair follicle cells. Zinc — prevents premature grayness, alopecia, improves hair appearance, provides stability of biological membranes, accelerates wound healing, has an indirect anti-androgenic action. Zinc also regulates activity of sebaceous glands. Copper – is an inhibitor of enzyme 5-alpha-reductase inducing hair follicle dystrophy. Copper has a profound anti-inflammatory property, is responsible for natural hair color and fights grayness.

Presentation form

— Ampoules 2 ml.


— Purified water, thiamine (В1), nicotinamide (РР), pantothenic acid (В5), riboflavin (В2), pyridoxine hydrochloride (В6), biotin (Н), zinc chloride, magnesium L-aspartate, copper, ginkgo biloba extract.


  •  – Diffuse alopecia.
  • – Focal alopecia.
  • – Damage of hair shaft (fragility, dull color, split hair ends).
  • — Seborrhea.
  • – Early hair grayness.
  • — Adrogenic (androgenetic) alopecia.


It is used as a mono product to eliminate skin problems of the hairy part of the head and hair. Maximal volume for one procedure 4-5 ml.