ampule 5 ml

  Action — Collagen and elastin hydrolysate, structural proteins serve a construction material for collagen and elastin fibers which being administered create a carcass making it dense, resilient and elastic. Collagen maintains the necessary water amount in a cell. The mechanism of DMAE lifting effect is associated with the increase of acetylcholine synthesis leading to stimulation of cholinoreceptors of cells of the malpighian layer, fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, dermal vascular endothelial cells. DMAE decreases cross-links in collagen molecules and improves skin blood flow. Epidermal and dermal tropism and hydration is improved.

Presentation form

– Ampoules 5 ml.


— Purified water, collagen, hydrolastan, DMAE, sodium chloride.


It is used as a mono product. Maximum volume for a procedure — 10 ml.


  • – Decrease of body skin turgor and elasticity.
  • – Nutrition and moisturizing.
  • – Correction of atrophic scars, stretch marks.
  • – Ptosis and skin sagginess of the shoulder, hip, anterior abdominal wall in patients due to volume loss during Correction of excessive fat deposits.
  • – After and supplementing liposuction, injection lipolysis, use of MLS product.