vial 2,5 ml



–Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronate sodium) 2.5%, elastin hydrolysate.


— It has a moisturizing, antioxidant and restructuring effect. It increases resilience of the connective tissue.


  • — Dehydrated and dry skin
  • – Reduced skin turgor (predominantly, due to UV-irradiation.
  • – Local skin problems of various etiology: periorbital (“crow’s feet) and perioral (“pouch”) wrinkles.
  • – The product can be used for skin preparation to plastic surgeries, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and its further rehabilitation. Owing to elastin hydrolysate, the range of “X-ADN GEL” indications is expanded: it affects fading skin, atrophic scars (stretch marks, post-acne), skin with reduced tone and elasticity.


It is used only in cocktails as it is a viscous gel. A vial 2.5 ml is used for a procedure for two patients. NB: hyaluronic acid concentration in a cocktail should not exceed 1%.

Recommended cocktails:

  • — Dehydrated and dry skin – X-ADN gel – 2.5 ml, Silicine 0.5% – 5.0 ml
  • – Reduced skin turgor, predominantly due to exposure to UV irradiation. Fine periorbital (“crow’s feet) and perioral (“pouch”) wrinkles. X-ADN gel – 2.5 ml of Caviar, 2.0 ml of Silicine 0.5% – 5.0 ml
  • — Preparation and skin rehabilitation in plastic surgeries, and laser resurfacing, chemical peels. X-ADN gelA – 2.5 ml, Vitamin С 10% – 2.0 ml Silicine 0.5% – 5.0 ml