is a new generation of aesthetic medications for activation of natural process of skin cells bioreparation


The purpose of bioreparation is to restore skin youth in absolutely natural way, it is provided by

  • formation the ideal environment for the normal functioning of fibroblasts
  • targeted delivery of vitamins and amino acids to skin cells
  • ability to keep active components in dermis for a long time and stimulate cells regeneration
PRODUCT Hyalrepair®-02/ bioreparant Hyalrepair®-04/ bioreparant Hyalrepair®-08/ bioreparant
Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid modified with vitamin C, proline, glycine, lysine Hyaluronic Acid modified with vitamin C, glutathione, cysteine Hyaluronic Acid modified with vitamin C, L-Carnitine
Action collagen synthesis stimulation correction of photoaging signs, antioxidant action lifting and lipolitic action
Indications dry wrinkled skin dehydrated dull skin with fine lines local fat accumulation, double chin
Dosage 1.5ml (syringe) 1.5ml (syringe) 1.5ml (syringe)