are an unique injectable line of medical devices for innovational non-medicinal preventive health care for people who lead an active lifestyle and for the treatment of different pathology of the locomotor system.


  • The line of injectable medical devices for application in traumatology and orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, sports medicine and for sustaining prophylaxis during extreme physical activities.
    Unique series of formulas with targeted action are based on stabilizes hyaluronic acid with proteinogenic amino acids and antioxidant complex.
  • Immediate and delayed effects based on free fraction which provides fast start of antioxidant and reparative processes and stabilized fraction that supplies deferred effect due to the prolonged biodegradation and gradual release of active components.
  • Formulas were created specially for compensation of deficiency of hyaluronic acid and active regulating molecules and for progressing clinical effects such as reparation of the connective tissue structure or cell oxidative stress inactivation.


CHONDROREPARANT® HYALREPAIR® product line is based on the unique SSRB-technology of linking hyaluronic acid with active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, peptides) without any chemical reagents.

This technology allows

  • to avoid the use of chemical reagents for stabilizing HA that ensures preparation’s safety
  • to modify the dimensional structure of HA due to additional active ingredients for stable effect of final formula which is resistant to enzyme biodegradation
  • to create non-medicinal depot-complex with combined action
  • to receive the targeted delivery of biologically active substances in the injection locus that guarantees directed action


  • Safety. Non-toxicity. Totally biodegradable product without any chemical admixtures consisting of natural ingredients .
  • Hypoallergenic.  Hyaluronic acid for preparation is received from the raw materials of non-animal origin, which ensures no content of foreign proteins in the product.
  • Local therapeutic depot. Bioactive components undergo gradual release from stabilized complex during deferred biodegradation.
  • Good tolerability. Proven efficacy.
  • Different application schemes. Treatment protocols designed separately for chronic and acute conditions: reparative, analgesic and cytoprotective courses.



Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid modified with ascorbyl phosphate, proline, glycine, lysine Hyaluronic Acid modified with ascorbyl phosphate, cysteine, glutathione
Action structural proteins synthesis stimulation blocking free radical destruction of cells
Indications degenerative-dystrophic connective tissue alterations (joint cartilage, synovial membrane, periarticular structures etc.) post-inflammatory connective tissue alterations (joint cartilage, synovial membrane, periarticular structures etc.)
Dosage 1.5 ml (syringe)
0.5 ml (vial)
1.5 ml (syringe)
0.5 ml (vial)