Dental hyalrepair ®

is the line of unique products with complementary compositions based on stabilized hyaluronic acid, amino acids, oligopeptides, microelements and stable form of vitamin C.
The line developed for prevention and treatment of inflammatory and destructive diseases of the oral cavity.


  • The line of injectable medical devices for application in therapeutic and surgical dentistry, periodontology, implantology, oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Formulas were created specially for restoration of gingival tissues and alveolar bone in various pathological conditions.
  • Unique series of formulas with targeted action are based on stabilizes hyaluronic acid with active complexes with anti-inflammatory and reconstructing activity.
  • Immediate and delayed effects provided by fast and prolonged action due to active components with antioxidant and reparative effects.


DENTAL HYALREPAIR® product line is based on the unique SSRB-technology of stabilizing hyaluronic acid with active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, and oligopeptides) without any chemical reagents.

This technology allows

  • to avoid the use of chemical reagents for stabilizing HA that ensures preparation’s safety
  • to modify the structure of HA due to additional active ingredients resistant to enzyme biodegradation
  • to create an active depot-complex with combined action
  • to receive the targeted delivery of active substances and directed action in the application point


  • Immediate effect after initial injection of preparation that starts regenerative processes in tissues, and the cumulative effect — due to the prolonged biodegradation of the material
  • Creating a local bioactive depot
  • Safety. Ultimately biodegrade in the tissues. Non-toxicity.
  • Hypoallergenic. The good tolerability and proven efficacy
  • Provides long-term therapeutic and postop outcomes
  • Different prescribing protocols: application to the oral mucosa, injections, into alveolar socket, intraosseal introduction, during flap surgery. Treatment protocols designed separately for chronic and acute conditions both at therapeutic and at surgical treatment.


Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid modified with ascorbyl phosphate, proline, glycine, lysine Hyaluronic Acid modified with ascorbyl phosphate, cysteine, glutathione
Action structural proteins synthesis stimulation blocking free radical destruction of cells
Indications inflammatory-destructive tissue alterations post-inflammatory and postop tissue alterations
Dosage 0.5 ml (syringe) 0.5 ml (syringe)