Syringe 0.5 ml

DENTAL HYALREPAIR® has unique bioreparation properties.
Target product application as a single or course dоsing in complex treatment plan blocks inflammatory destruction, promotes matrix reconstruction and normalization of physiological activity of tissues. As a result, structural and functional recovery of the connective and bone tissues occurs.
Inherent reparative processes in the connective tissue in the connective and bone tissues are launched due to long-lasting targeted combined product action eliminating free radical cell damage and stimulation of its synthetic function.
Long-lasting targeted product action is provided by the patented technology of solid-phase stabilization of hyaluronic acid on which basis the product is created.
• Na salt of hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid salt and proteinogenic amino acids (prolyine, lysine, glycine)
It is a liquid gel material with a reparative effect
• Viscosity 1500 — 4000 units


Hyaluronic acid salts (14 mg/ml) modified with ascorbyl phosphate, glutathione, cysteine


Therapeutic and surgical dentistry:
— chronic gingivitis (after removal of acute inflammation)
— simple and complex chronic periodontitis
— recession of the gum margin
— after operations on the alveolar processes (resection of the tooth, cystectomy, closure of gingival recessions, open curettage, flap operations, dental implants, cosmetic correction of the gingival margin)

Maxillofacial surgery:
— degenerative-dystrophic and posttraumatic diseases of the temporomandibular joint


Dense gel based on stabilized HA in combination with antioxidant complex, designed to eliminate inflammatory changes. Possesses an antioxidant effect, increases the regenerative capacity of tissues. Creates optimum environment for normal functioning of fibroblasts regulation of redox processes and of the initial synthesis of proteins of the intercellular matrix (collagen, elastin) and mucopolysaccharides. Reinforces connective tissue cells and extracellular structures through antioxidant and cytoprotective action – analgesic effect.


  • improvement of connective and alveolar bone structure
  • pain reducing and function improvement at patients with post-inflammatory changes in joints


Different therapeutic and surgical treatment protocols