HYALUFORM® biorevitalizant

The chemical structure of Hyaluronic acid used in production of Hyaluform is fully similar to the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin that secures good tolerance, no allergic tests are needed.

Biorevitalizants can be used on different skin areas needed in renewal. Most common are face, neck, décolleté area, hands — they are more frequently exposed to UV radiation where as the result we can notice the reduction in turgor, tonus and skin elasticity.


The technology of even MWD (molecular weight distribution) secures an equal length of all HA molecules (1.3 mln Da)  which determines the focused effect on the improvement of the inner environment of derma and stimulates fibroblasts and neocollagenesis


  • Targeted skin moisturizing and maximal lifting effect are obtained due to balanced concentration of hyaluronic acid – 10-18 mg/ml and thanks to technology of solid state equal molecular mass distribution
  • Optimal volume of syringe (1.5 ml) allows to treat the largest area (face-neck – décolleté area) and focused on problem ageing zones

PRODUCT HYALUFORM® 1% biorevitalizant HYALUFORM® 1,8 % biorevitalizant
Ingredients Biotechnological hyaluronic acid 10mg/ml, nonstabilized Biotechnological hyaluronic acid 18mg/ml, partially stabilized by solid-phase method
Action Dry and dehydrated skin
Tired-looking face
Shallow wrinkles
Prevention of wrinkle formation
Middle and deep wrinkles
Normal, greasy skin
Thick, atonic skin
Reduce of tonus and elasticity of the skin
After the use of HYALUFORM® 1% biorevitalizant
Atrophic scars, postacne, striaes
Treatment results Skin moisturizing
Improving turgor, tonus and skin elasticity
Healthy skin appearance
Reduction of wrinkles
Lifting of the facial contours, skin becomes more smooth and elastic
Reduction of middle and deep wrinkles
Reduction of atrophic scars and striaes