Chondroreparant® Hyalrepair®-02 1.5%

2 ml syringe

CHONDOREPARANT® HYALREPAIR has unique reparative properties.
One course is sufficient to relieve pain and inflammation, and launch reparation processes in the connective and muscular tissue). A stable confirmed clinical effect maintains for the period up to 12 months and more.
Reparation processes in the connective and muscular tissues are launched due to long-lasting targeted product action via stimulation of formation of matrix carcass proteins.
Long-lasting targeted product action is provided by the patented technology of solid-phase stabilization of hyaluronic acid on which basis the product is created.
CHONDOREPARANT® HYALREPAIR® in syringes is indicated for:
•Degenerative and dystrophic joint lesions of I-III grade in remission (hip osteoarthritis, knee osteoarthritis, patellar chondromalacia, ankle joint arthritis, shoulder joint arthritis, arthritis of elbow, wrist, temporomandibular joints, etc.)
•Non-acute post-traumatic joint lesions (meniscopathy, chondromalacia, injuries of intra-articular ligaments, etc.)
•Conditions after joint surgeries in remission of inflammatory process
•Arthritis in remission
•Extreme physical exertions — for prophylaxis of degenerative-dystrophic joint diseases


Hyaluronic acid salt (8mg/ml, 2.0 MDa) modified with ascorbyl phosphate, proline, lysine, glycine


Injectable form of medical device for extra-articular use in traumatology and orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, rehabilitation and sports medicine:

— degenerative-dystrophic pathology of the locomotor system (ligamentous apparatus, connective tissue formations)

— periarthritis in remission

— myofascial syndrome, radicular syndrome

— tendinopathy, enthesopathy

— rehabilitation after trauma or surgery

— prevention of degenerative-dystrophic pathology of the locomotor system


Improves and sustains the content and viscoelastic characteristics of connective tissue; reduces pain at rest and during physical activity; creates optimum environment for normal functioning of fibroblasts which are responsible for synthesis and secretion of intercellular matrix proteins (collagen, elastin) and mucopolysaccharides. Reinforces the intercellular matrix of connective tissue – reparative effect.


  • pain reducing and function improvement at patients with chronic extra-articular changes
  • strengthening the connective tissue of extra-articular structures


Different injection protocols. Possibility of combining the vial and syringe forms