Chondroreparant® Hyalrepair®-02 1.5%

Syringe 2.0 ml


Hyaluronic acid salt (15 mg/ml, 2.6 MDa) modified with ascorbyl phosphate, proline, lysine, glycine


Injectable form of medical device for intra-articular use in traumatology and orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation and sports medicine:

— viscosupplementation

— primary (idiopathic) or posttraumatic osteoarthritis I-III stage of synovial joints

— rehabilitation after joint trauma or joint surgery

— prevention of degenerative-dystrophic joint pathology


Improves and sustains the content and viscosity of synovial fluid; reduces pain at rest and during physical activity; creates optimum environment for normal functioning of fibroblasts which are responsible for synthesis and secretion of intercellular matrix proteins (collagen, elastin) and mucopolysaccharides. Reinforces the intercellular matrix of connective tissue – reparative effect


  • improvement of viscous properties of synovial fluid
  • pain reducing and function improvement at patients with chronic changes in joints
  • strengthening the connective tissue structures of intra-articular space


3–5 intra-articular injections once in 14 days
3 different injection protocols
Possibility of combining the syringe and vial forms