Block Age Peel Gel

Set (Phase №1 – vials 2.7 ml;
Phase №2 – vials 2.3 ml)

BLOCK AGE PEEL GEL is a peel based on 5% retinoic acid and 50% dimethyl sulfoxide (Dimexid). Application of peel formulations based on 5% retinoic acid slows skin aging processes, smoothes fine lines, improves skin tone and tightness and normalizes intracellular metabolism. Owing to strong balanced skin stimulation of skin, the very first treatment tightens soft tissues, relieves skin dryness and triggers rejuvenating processes. The Age Peel Gel Block formulation contains dimethyl sulfoxide (Dimexid) which penetrates the skin and significantly increases the permeability of all biological membranes (including skin cells) for retinoic acid, providing maximum effect. Moreover, dimethyl sulfoxide (Dimexid) improves metabolic processes and has a moderate analgesic and antimicrobial effect.

Active ingredients

retinoic  acid 5%, azelaic acid 15%, dimexid 50%


  • Fading skin, wrinkles
  • Post-acne scars
  • Post-traumatic and post-surgical scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Photo aging
  • Stretch marks
  • Atony of the anterior abdominal wall and the internal surface of shoulders and hips


  • Non-traumatic treatment
  • Effectiveness
  • High safety