Flacon 30 ml

Lotion-gel for a superficial chemical peel based on lactic acid. It is characterized with a high penetrating ability and can be used in patients with a profound keratosis related to both adverse exogenic factors and skin aging. Lactic peeling Lacticpeel maintains a high level of dermal moisture, is recommended for correction of cosmetic defects of a dry and fading skin.

Presentation form

— Vial 30 ml.

Indications for the use:

  • — hyperpigmentation
  • — hyperkeratosis
  • — photoaging
  • – dehydrated and atonic skin
  • — seborrhea
  • – I grade comedonal acne.


Lactic acid is contained in the natural epidermal moisturizing factor owing to that, Lacticpeel50 %, рН 1.38 interacts with the skin very delicately.