Semtempo cream


Complex cream for correction of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It is recommended for maintenance of chemical peel results.

Presentation form:

Tube 50ml

Active ingredients

– Natural moisturizing complex (NaPCA)

– Phytic acid

– Lactic protein

– Arctostaphylos, green tea extractsя

— Neutrazen TM (Palmitoyl tripeptide-8)

— Retinol, vitamins С and Е.


  • – It eliminates fine wrinkles
  • – It retards skin aging process
  • – It increases skin tone and turgor
  • – It stimulates synthesis of inherent collagen
  • – It normalizes melanin synthesis, enlightens the skin
  • – It provides an optimal level of skin hydration
  • – It neutralizes free radicals
  • – Accelerates cell turnover processes.
  • Recommendations for the use – Apply the cream on a dry clean skin once –twice a day. To maintain chemical peel results, apply the cream daily (according to the definite scheme).