Anti age Lift Peel-Off Algae mask

210 gr

Rejuvenating lifting alginate mask for stressed, tired and mature skin. Innovative components are used in the mask which have a targeted effect on elimination of wrinkles, pigmented spots and ptosis of skin tissues. Alga spirulina, owing to за record content of proteins, improves metabolism processes, consolidates cell membrane. Japanese cherry Acerola contains a high concentration of vitamin С, stimulates collagen production, decreases melanin synthesis, consolidates and enlightens the skin, has intensive antioxidant action, smoothens skin tone. It is suitable for express procedures, combined with aesthetic cares and apparatus methods.


jar 210 g.

Active components:

acerola, vitamin С, spirulina.

Method of application:

Using a spatula, mix 30 g of the powder and cold water 20°С in a glass and plastic container till a homogenous paste is obtained, avoid formation of lumps.

Mask exposure time:

20 min. Detach the mask-film delicately starting from sides. Wash the face with warm water.  Only for professional use.