Aqua Expert Peel – Off mask algae 210 g

Moisturizing alginate mask with a prolonged hydration effect for all skin types and any age. Moisturizing active component of marine origin Thali’Source (France) gives a prolonged hydration effect. The innovative component is rich in marine saccharides and polysaccharides, improves hydration and reduces water loss. Brown alga polysaccharides provide a long-term soothing and regenerating action. Brown algae are rich in vitamin C which takes part in collagen synthesis and is a potent antioxidant. The mask has a soothing and regenerating action, provides a stable lifting effect and instant Smoothing of “dehydration wrinkles”.
Excellent product for skin restoration in a late rehabilitation period.

Method of application

Using a spatula, mix 30 g of the powder and 90 ml of cold water 20°С in a glass or plastic container till a smooth and homogenous paste is obtained, avoid formation of lumps. Mask exposure time — 20 min. Detach the hardened mask delicately starting from sides. Wash the face with warm water.  Only for professional use.

Active components:

Thali Source, marine polysaccharides. Method of application: it is applicable for express procedures, combined with aesthetic care and apparatus methods.


jar 210 g.