Enzyme Expertpeel Gel

300 ml

Enzymatic peeling gel for intensive skin cleaning from comedones and keratinized skin cells. It contains complex Keratoline® produced biotechnologically via fermentation which becomes active when applied to the skin, softens comedones and oil seeds, promotes cleaning of sebaceous ducts, eliminates greasy shine. It softens and moisturizes the skin, stimulates cell turnover. It is recommended for correction of dull face color, hyperpigmentation, first ageing signs, for mature skin. It is ideal for skin preparation to mechanic and apparatus cosmetology. It is suitable for any skin type including the most sensitive and reactive skin. It is safe for the use during pregnancy and lactation.

Method of application:

Apply the peel to a preliminarily cleaned skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water. Tonify the skin.  It is recommended for professional use.


Patented complex Keratoline®.


vial 300 ml.