Ethereal Cleanser

300 ml

Innovative cleaning and demakeup product. Unique emulsion texture is transformed to water on the skin, dissolves and absorbs any pollutions including water-resistant eye makeup. The particularity of the cleaning product — it does not destruct but restores barrier skin function owing to high level of vitamin Е, as well, it provides antioxidant action. It does not cause irritation and dryness, provides intensive moisturizing and purity. It does not destruct the hydrolipidic mantle, does not cause dryness sensation, does not leave greasy shine It is not applicable for all skin types.

Active components:

Vitamin Е.


vial 300/200 ml

Method of application:

Apply the necessary amount of the emulsion to a face and distribute with soft massage movements. Wipe it off from the face. If necessary, rinse off with water and/or wipe the face with a lotion. . For professional and home use.