Glycolic Peel Mask 10%

The mask promotes deep skin purification, removes comedones. Owing to glycolic acid, the mask has profound exfoliating action, enlightening effect, evens skin tone and relief, normalizes secretion of sebaceous glands, mattifies the skin well. Collagen and elastin promote a rapid skin restoration. Plant extracts promote moisturizing and soothing, regeneration and restoration of the epidermal barrier, have a soothing and tonifying action. It does not require neutralization and is intended for any skin type.

Method of application:

It is suitable for pre-peeling skin preparation, detoxifying and cleaning programs. Apply to a preliminarily cleaned face skin avoiding periorbital area. Leave for 10 minutes, rinse with water. It is recommended for professional use.

Active components:

glycolic acid 10%, collagen, elastin, aloe extract, dandelion extract, symphytum officinale extract.


tube 200 ml