Micellar Water Eye & Face

300 ml

Owing to micelle uptaking pollutions, grease excesses and makeup actively, Micellar Cleanser Water clean face skin including lip and eye area rapidly, carefully and effectively not impairing skin barrier function. Owing to several active patented complexes, it provides instant moisturizing and maintains the necessary level of skin hydration. At the same time, it notifies and sooths. It is suitable for all skin types, even for reactive and sensitive. A simple and rapid cleansing process, it does not require water.

Active components:

Patented complexes AcquaCell and Prodew™ 400.

Method of application:

It is recommended for cleansing and demakeup prior aesthetic procedures. As a regular home product for demakeup and skin care. Apply a small product amount on a cotton pad and wipe face, neck, decollette skin. For professional and home use.


vial 500/200 ml.