Massage Rich Cream

200 ml

Massage face cream has a unique transformer structure: while touching the skin, the cream turns into oil providing a perfect and long-term sliding for various massage techniques for possible regulation of pressing intensity. Active cream components nourish deeply, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, activate metabolism processes, enhance microcirculation and eliminate products of skin cell metabolism. Gentle cream texture combined with a pleasant guarava and citrus aroma promotes a deep relaxation. Massage cream MASSAGE RICH CREAM is also recommended for SPA-programs. Cream is non-comedonic and hypoallergic.


tube 200 ml.

Active components:

complex of triglycerides, buckthorn oil, richly textured oils.

Method of application:

It is recommended for various techniques for face, neck, decollette massage (stroking, rubbing, foulage, vibration).