Revitalising Peel-Off Algae mask

210 gr

Revitalizing alginate mask – the first aid for dehydrated, tired, stressed and damaged skin. The main component of the mask is a brown sea alga Himantalia elongate growing near the cost of Brittany. The alga contains a natural duet of vitamins А and С in a high concentration providing a strong intensive antioxidant protection of skin cells, increases immunity, promotes a rapid regeneration of skin cells, prevents premature aging. Premature polysaccharides provide a long-lasting moisturizing effect eliminating dryness and discomfort instantly. The mask evens the skin relief and returns a healthy complexion, has an instant and stable lifting effect. It is ideal for skin restoration after aggressive procedures such as chemical peels, injection and laser methods. It is suitable for all skin types.


jar 210 g.

Active components:

brown algae Himantalia elongate, vitamin С, marine polysaccharides.

Method of application:

Using a spatula, mix 30 g of the powder and cold water 20°С in a glass or plastic container till a homogenous paste is obtained, avoid formation of lumps.

Mask exposure time – 20 min. Detach the mask-film delicately staring from sides. Wash the face with warm water. Only for professional use.