Sensi Plus Aloe gel

100 ml

Multifunctional gel with a regenerating, instant soothing and healing action, active moisturizing effect. Main component – a natural aloe juice, it has a soothing, antiseptic, regenerating and healing, rejuvenating, moisturizing, antioxidant properties. It reduces post-traumatic erythema, stimulates proliferation processes and collagen synthesis, regulates pigmentation processes, facilitates rehabilitation. Epilobium extract – a highty effective product for neutralization of irritations, regulates activity of 5-alpha-reductase, increases cell viability and natural skin photo protection. Chamomile extract has a bactericide, soothing, softening actions, promotes improvement of metabolism processes and tissue breathing. It is recommended after aggressive aesthetic procedures and in the period of skin rehabilitation (laser resurfacing, medium-depth peels, apparatus exposures, etc.); for cold hydration and preparation to cleansing; in sun burn therapy; for everyday care of reactive skin; for prevention of dry skin aging. Apply to a clean dry skin, if necessary.


vial 100 ml.