Vitamin Concentrate

200 ml

Active vitamin concentrate for apparatus and manual procedures. For a rapid skin rejuvenation, programs for correction of age-related changes, hyperpigmentation, dry dehydrated skin with a dull face color. It contains complex VC-IP (stabilized vitamin C form), has a profound rejuvenating, enlightening and antioxidant action. Complex Lanablue®, another name – “blue retinol’’, stimulates synthesis of young collagen and elastin. Patented complex Prodew400 based on 8 necessary essential amino acids, has a profound regenerating and moisturizing action. The concentrate with the instant action, gives glow and young look to the skin.


vial 200 ml.

Active components:

Patented complexes VC-IP, Lanablue, Prodew® 400, vitamin Е.

Method of application:

As a contact gel for apparatus procedures (microcurrent therapy, electroporation, ultra phonophoresis); As an active concentration in manual care programs – under alginate masks, massage, final cream. It is recommended for professional and home use.