ampule 5 ml

Action- It has a marked defibrosing action. It regulates cell metabolism. Sillicone prevents formation of free radicals, prevents fiber destruction, and takes part in protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and promotes uptake of over 70 % of chemical elements by the body. It enhances action of active components of cocktails.

Presentation form

— Ampoules 5 ml.


– Organic sillicone 0.5% and 1%.


It is on all stages of mesotherapy session, is contained in most mesotherapy cocktails.


— SILICINE 0.5% is used on the vascular stage of a mesosession, as well for preparation of face and hair cocktails. SILICINE 1% is used for preparation of body cocktails, individually as a defibrosant. It is used in cellulitis for defibrosing therapy to eliminate “orange peel“ symptom and get a mild lipolytic effect. Contained in mesotherapy cocktails, it potentiates action of regenerants and lipolytics.

Recommended cocktails:

  •  — Decrease of turgor and elasticity: Colelast Complex
  • – 2.0 ml, Silicine 1.0%
  • – 2.0 ml – Rosacea, cellulitis with signs of impaired vascular tone:
  • Gibilan – 2.0 ml,
  • Vitamin С 10% – 2.0 ml,
  • Silicine 1.0% – 5.0 ml
  • – Local fat deposits and cellulitis: Lipocat – 2.0 ml, Lipocof – 2.0 ml, Silicine 1.0% – 5.0 ml