ampule 5 ml

Presentation form

— Ampoules 5 ml.


— Sodium deoxycholate.


-Excessive local fat deposits, hydrolipodystrophy (cellulitis).


— Sodium deoxycholate – bile acid salt which can cleave fats. Product LIPOCAT has intensive lipolytic action which is shown maximally when administered subcutaneously. When lymph drainage or physical exercises are combined with the product injections, lipids are destructed, and energy promoting “burning” metabolism products is released.


The product is used only in lipolytic cocktails. LIPOCAT can be administered locally in the middle of a treatment course after fat “softening” to areas of poorly manageable excessive fat deposits. The product is added to the cocktail which has been used in previous procedures.

Recommended cocktails:

  • — Local fat deposits: Lipocat – 5.0 ml, Lipocof – 2.0 ml Silicine 1.0% – 3.0 ml
  • – Local fat deposits combined with cellulitis: Lipocat – 2.5 ml Alcaphyt – 2.0 ml, Silicine 1.0% – 5.0 ml