ampule 5 ml

Presentation form

— Ampoules 5 ml.


— Sodium deoxycholate, L-carnitine, taraxacum officinale extract.


— Local fat deposits, hydrolipodystrophy (cellulitis).


  •  — Lipolytic MPH complex – combination of highly effective lipolysis components potentiating action of each other.
  • – Lipolytic action: Sodium deoxycholate promotes a rapid decrease of fat deposits, normalizes blood and lymph flow, and relieves tissue edemas, and eliminates toxic metabolism products from the body.
  • – Diuretic action: taraxacum officinale extract is considered as one of the most active diuretics, it stimulates renal and hepatic function, affects favorably the connective tissue, increases blood supply, metabolism, improves the general body condition. Combined with sodium deoxycholate, it promotes active fluid drainage, decrease of edemas, elimination of lipolysis products. -L- carnitine binds free fatty acids and promotes their cleavage (“fat burning”). It stabilizes cell membranes, stimulates and accelerates reparative processes. It is used as a mono product. It is prescribed from the first sessions as monotherapy to patients having loose fat deposits or, depending on clinical indications, it is used in combination with products affecting connective tissue structure. Maximum volume for a procedure 10 ml.