ampule 2 ml

Presentation form

— Volume 2 ml.


— Collagen hydrolysate, elastin hydrolysate.


– decreased skin and neck tone, and resilience, as well, fine and deep face, neck, decollette in patients aged 30-35 years. Reduced turgor and elasticity of body skin. The product can be used in complex treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.


  • — Moisturizing, nutrition (owing to collagen hydrolysate), increase of skin elasticity.
  • — Elastin fibers – connective tissue protein – can stretch several-fold and return to a baseline condition.
  • — Elastin hydrolysate is a source of many essential amino acids such as glycine, alanine, valine, proline, lysine.

Recommended cocktail:

Decrease of skin tone, elasticity, dry skin: Hyaluform mesolift 1% – 2.0 ml, Colelast complex – 2.5 ml, Silicine 1.0% – 2.5 ml